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Having Spring fun outdoors with my boys

11 May 2012 48 Comments

Dare we say it? The sun is shining and it’s set to last the weekend! That gives us a great opportunity to get the kids outside to blow away some of those cobwebs. Here’s Nicki Cawood with a lovely post about how she and her boys will be enjoying some outdoor fun.


As much as we enjoy the winter, with Christmas, baking and plenty of indoor fun, by the time the first daffodils are out we are all itching to get outside and enjoy some proper fresh air!

Both boys (Kieran 5yrs and Taylor 17m) love spending time outdoors and our long list of things to do outside includes…

Running off excess energy!

At last the park looks more like grass than a swamp. We love a good Peppa-pig style splash in a muddy puddle but the novelty soon wears off when the weather is cold and windy. At the first sign of decent spring weather, both boys thoroughly enjoy running around the park, playing on the equipment, kicking a ball around the garden and picking daisies for Mummy!

There are so many wide open spaces near us in the form of common fields, parks and areas of interest and when all that is needed is a ball and some imagination, running off that excess energy is a cheap, enjoyable and insanely noisy outdoor activity.

Sorting out the garden

Kieran (5yrs) loves the garden and is fascinated about plants and how things can grow from a mere seed. Kieran is our chief gardener this year, being in charge of planting sunflowers, violets, herbs and more. Once the last of the frosts subsided it was time to move our plants outside and the Head Gardener tends his plants carefully. Not one to be left out, Taylor has his own little shovel and piece of ground to “work” in. So far he has planted one of Kieran’s cars, flowers and his own foot.

Working outside can be a great way to enjoy the changing season and learn a thing or two. The beauty of being a miniature gardener is that there is a job for everyone come spring time, as long as no-one minds the mess!

Free play

There is nothing nicer than watching children play together unhindered by organised activities. Over the winter we had many planned activities, art and craft, baking, construction (Lego for one and Duplo for another), den making and much more. Now that spring has arrived the boys are let loose outside with no prompts, no rules and no adult interference.

Despite there being a gap in their ages, Kieran and Taylor have been enjoying making their own outdoor fun. They have raced, rolled, chased, hidden and screamed with laughter. As a parent it has been great watching them play together and just enjoy being out in the fresh spring air.