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Enjoying the sun safely

19 June 2012 78 Comments

Nicki Cawood shares her sun safety tips for kids in her latest Parent Panel post for Born Free Mum & Dad.

The boys are over the moon that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance again. My legs are definitely feeling the change in weather, as chasing after two gleeful running boys have given me more exercise than I’d planned for. We’ve played football, been on walks, romped around the park (and rolled down a big hill) and generally just enjoyed the sun and warmth.

As much fun as the sun is though we have had to be extra careful, as does everyone, as the sun can have a sinister side to it which can result in sun burn, heat stroke and dehydration. I follow these tips to keep my precious sun-worshipers safe.

1. Keep hydrated. It is so important to make sure that the little ones are kept hydrated at all times. Water and juice needs to be constantly available and regularly offered in order to keep these little bodies well. Dehydration can be dangerous and children are particularly susceptible to it, especially when running around.

2. Use adequate sun cream protection. There are a multitude of different sun lotions on the market, all offering “top protection”. Aim for the higher SPF factor (Sun Protection Factor) as these are the creams that provide the highest level of sun protection and reapply at regular intervals.

*We have bought some nifty coloured ones (our current one is green!) that sprays on and only disappears when properly rubbed in. This is great fun for the kids and a good way for me to make sure the boys are fully covered.

3. Keep covered and use preventative measures. Sun cream is great but not fool-proof and children’s skin is delicate. As well as cream ensure that your little ones wear hats that shade their face and necks and stay out of the sun at the hottest times of the day which are typically between 12pm-3pm. Utilise shade whenever you can and keep skin covered in the hottest hours.

The sun is great and we have our fingers crossed that it is here to stay for a while, but as much as we love it, we are respectful of it. We make sure that we keep ourselves safe and well so that nothing can spoil our play times!

Share your own tips for playing safely in the sun, we’d love to hear them in a comment below!