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Daddy’s Girl

7 August 2012 257 Comments

We are so happy to share this delightful post from Ben Wakeling, dad of 2 boys, as he eagerly awaits the birth of his little girl.

When people tell me that girls are more difficult than boys, I tell them that I already know, because I’m married. Then they explain that they’re talking about children.

Let me explain. I have two sons at the moment, at that wonderful age when they’re learning and growing and questioning everything, no matter what time of the day or night it is. I can play football in the garden with them (well, one of them – the eldest much prefers sums to sports), I can read books to them, and we can have a bit of a wrestle on the living room floor. I would say – and correct me if I’m wrong – most dads would like a son, someone to carry on the family name. An heir, if you like.

In a couple of weeks my wife will give birth to a baby girl, which I am ecstatic about for two main reasons: firstly, because it means we definitely won’t be having any more children; and secondly, because I can’t wait to raise a daddy’s girl.

I can see it now: I’ll be the dad who gets a face full of cheap paint when she wants to try and put make-up on me. The one who will walk her to school as she skips and holds my hand, my two sons too old by that point for public shows of affection. With two older brothers, she’ll grow up to be a bit of a tomboy; climbing trees instead of ballet dancing, and being able to beat them hands down in a fight.

But it’s when she becomes a teenager that I’ll come into my own. I’ll be the dad who doesn’t let her stay out late, and who bites his fingernails to the bone when she does. The dad who scrutinises every boy she ever brings home, looking him up and down with a furrowed brow, sizing him up to make sure he’s good enough for my little girl, maybe even taking him out fishing so I can ask him awkward questions and make him uncomfortable. And I’ll embarrass her in public, because that’s what dads do. It’s these things that I cannot wait for, as well as those days when she asks me for something, knowing that I’m powerless as she looks at me with those big brown eyes.

I can see it now: she’s going to have me wrapped around her little finger from day one. And I can’t wait.